Josh Congdon

Chartered Physiotherapist
Hi! I’m Josh, the owner and lead clinician here at Reflex-18 Sports Injury Hub. I am passionate about helping people who are in pain and unable to do the things they love. 

I launched Reflex-18 with the prime goal of providing a place where expert clinicians all work together collaboratively to help people, using the most modern treatment and injury prevention techniques.

My previous experience working in the NHS as a clinical specialist physiotherapist for people who have not improved with other clinicians has enabled me to develop a different method of treatment. I have a heavy focus on the things you want to be able to do. So, all treatment is focused around getting you back to doing the things you love, as soon as possible.

I love using the most current assessment and treatment methods, and so in your treatment plan I may use traditional treatments, such as exercise therapy, manipulation, taping and massage. I may also utilise shockwave therapy, acupuncture, or the new RS footscan machine, which design custom orthotics based on a dynamic scan of your walking gait.

So, if you are frustrated that your injury is not getting better, you are fed up of missing out on doing the things you love, or just irritated by that niggling pain, please drop me a message and I'd be happy to help.

Alex Pacey

Chartered Physiotherapist
Having initially worked in professional sport as a sports therapist, I continued within professional football upon graduating in 2016 with a MSc in physiotherapy, while also working part-time with NHS referrals. 

At the beginning of 2018, I move to a full-time role with the NHS, which enabled me to widen my experience with different patients and conditions.

While I still enjoy working with elite athletes and the sporting population, I love the challenge and variety a wider caseload entails, with a particular interest in tendon injuries and patients with long-term pain. 

I have a simple, logical way of working, placing a heavy emphasis on self-management, advice and education, handing control over to my patients and facilitating them to build resilience and robustness in order for them to reach their goals.

You can book to see me in clinic on Thursday evenings using the online booking system or calling the clinic.

Alice Craggs

Chartered Physiotherapist
Having graduated from Kings College London with a BSc in Physiotherapy, I took the traditional route rotating in and around different areas of Physiotherapy in the NHS. This has given me an understanding of working with a wide variety of people with cancer, respiratory conditions, and spinal cord injuries – to name a few.

I now spend most my time working as a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist in the NHS. I have experience of working with acute and chronic pain, sports injuries, pre and post-operative rehabilitation, and general conditioning. 

I have a keen interest in complex Rheumatology and Hypermobility management and am lead physiotherapist for this in my current role where I believe physiotherapy can make a real difference to quality of life.

In my spare time I like to weight train, am a keen runner and member of a Colchester running club. As you can imagine I share client’s frustration when they are held back from their sport, hobby or occupation and I aim to find a way to return them to what they love doing as quickly as possible.

You can book to see me in clinic on Friday afternoons using the online booking system or calling the clinic 

Chris Blackledge

Chartered Physiotherapist
I am a clinician with over 20 years experience in helping people recover from their injuries. My journey began with the British Army specialising in the rehabilitation of injured soldiers, serving within the UK and overseas. This was complemented by gaining a Degree in Sports Rehabilitation at St Marys College, London.
Having served a full career within the military, I took the opportunity to study on the MSc 2-year full time degree course in Physiotherapy at the University of Essex. On qualifying as a junior physiotherapist, I spent the next four and a half years with Allied Health Professionals Suffolk, gaining invaluable experience treating and supporting an array of NHS patients with simple muscle injuries to complex long term conditions.
In 2017, I took up my current role employed as a full time senior physiotherapist at Colchester garrison, back with the military but this time as a civilian. Although this is a very challenging role, I find it extremely rewarding supporting our armed forces.
I enjoy working with elite athletes from all walks of life and since 2013, I have been one of four physiotherapists supporting the senior team at Colchester Rugby Football Club during training nights and match days. I manage a range of injuries, predominately through strength and conditioning, but also Pilates based exercises, sports massage and acupuncture. 
I feel that my diverse experience has given me an invaluable foundation to provide patients with the support they need to make a full recovery. I will aim to provide a good understanding of the underlying cause of your condition. Enabling you to do little things to help yourself, empowering you to move better, so that you can achieve a better quality of live. 
If you would like to book an appointment with me at Reflex-18, I am available in clinic on Saturday mornings using the online booking system or calling the clinic. 

Debs Stanton

Chartered Physiotherapist (Hand Specialist)
Debs qualified from St Thomas’ Hospital and worked as a junior physiotherapist at King’s College Hospital and then at St Thomas’s. She developed her interest in Hand Therapy whist working at STH and has been a specialist Hand Therapist for 20 years. She currently works part time for the NHS in Colchester.

Hand Therapists are specialist therapists who treat and rehabilitate patients who have suffered traumatic injuries including sports injuries and some acquired conditions like Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis. Hand Therapists have specialist knowledge of hand, wrist and associated elbow and shoulder conditions and the unique requirements of hand and wrist rehabilitation.

Debs is a member of the British Association of Hand Therapists (BAHT) and has gained a number of post graduate BAHT Credits through their excellent study and examination programme. She is also involved with the combined and BAHT/British Society for Surgery of the Hand (BSSH) overseas education programme delivering teaching to junior surgeons and therapists in low income countries.

Debs is an incredibly specialised clinician and is recognised as one of the leading hand therapists in the UK - you can see her at Reflex-18 Sports Injury Hub on a Monday - book online choosing the hand therapy option. 

Paul Donnelly

I’m a podiatrist specialising in lower limb podiatric bio-mechanics and have worked with numerous clients, from Olympic athletes and Premier League football players, to individuals who are looking to get back on their feet following surgery, or those with ongoing conditions that prevent them from carrying out everyday activities.

Having begun my career playing for Ipswich Town Football Club, my days as a footballer came to an end when I fractured and dislocated my ankle during a match. I then spent a lot of time with both podiatrists and physiotherapists, who helped me in my rehabilitation, and enabled me to understand the importance of the foot and ankle in relation to structure and stability of the limb.

I qualified from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2010 specialising in lower limb podiatric biomechanics and spent time working in China before returning to Suffolk where I now work alongside professional bodies in sport, including British Athletics, England Rugby and elite level professionals in football, cricket and other sports. 

My main aim is to promote movement, helping patients to feel free and comfortable so they can live their lives and do what they want to do. 

So, if you would like to book an appointment with me, or you need some advice, drop me a line via the contact form and I will be delighted to help.

Shaun Tyler

Hi, I’m Shaun and I’m a registered osteopath. I treat a wide range of injuries to muscles and joints, including back and neck pain, muscle strains, posture-related injuries and age-related aches and pains. 

I believe in a combination of hands-on osteopathy using soft tissue, manipulation and stretching techniques with a progressive exercise plan to help people manage their pain. I am a strong advocate of movement and appreciate that no two bodies are the same. Therefore, no two management plans should be either. I support the creation of individual treatments and programs to achieve the best individual results.

Since having a total knee replacement in 2016, I understand the need for a strong mind and body to assist you through the recovery and rehabilitation process. My goal is to empower you to make the necessary positive changes to your body so you can recover, adapt, and get stronger, so you can enjoy doing the activities you love doing.

Tom Rowson

Sports Therapist
I am extremely passionate about sport and, in particular, helping people achieve their sporting goals. Having cycled for teams competing in the UK, Belgium and America, I have more recently turned my attention to training for triathlon and have qualified to represent Great Britain internationally.

These experiences have given me an in-depth experience of what it takes to train to a high level, and the difficulties involved in trying to recover from training as quickly as possible, in order to train effectively. 

Coupling this with an MSc in Sports Therapy, and using hands-on treatment skills, exercises and advice, I can help you train harder, more effectively and get back on track quickly.

Richard Smith

Sports Massage Therapist
I have worked in the fitness industry for the last five years, gaining experience in how the body responds to stimulus, both positively and negatively. My clients range from ex-professional athletes to people rehabilitating from knee replacement surgery. All of whom often need the extra attention of sports and remedial massage.

I gained an ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage in 2016 and love providing my services to those looking for the extra care that can only be provided by physical touch. 

You can book to see me on a Wednesday evening at Reflex-18 using the online booking system or email via the link below for other availability.

Neil Liffen

Injection Therapist (Sonographer)
Neil Liffen, is an Extended Scope Practitioner in Physiotherapy and a Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Sonographer with over 15 years experience working within the NHS and private practice. Diagnostic ultrasound is a skill, which takes years to learn and Neil now performs >5000 diagnostic ultrasound examinations per year.
Neil was at Norwich City FC as a footballer before training as a physio and later in diagnostic ultrasound. 
Neil works in several NHS hospitals, providing diagnostic ultrasounds and guided injections and runs East Coast Physio in Suffolk. He provides a fantastic additional service at Reflex-18 Sports Injury Hub, providing pain-relieving injections, with increased accuracy with the addition of ultrasound guidance.
If you want to see how Neil may be able to help you, contact the clinic and we will be please to provide more information.